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Badging Printing Options

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What are the options for printing badges?

Waste no more time printing off your event badges in-house with perforated paper – going stir-crazy when the paper becomes out of alignment or when someone’s name is incorrect.
Nowadays, there are many different new ways to print your event badges. Below are just a few:

Pre-Print your badges
When you have your attendee list from your registration website, you are able to pre-print all of your event badges before the event. We can supply you with spare badges and a laptop with a badge printer so you are able to print on-site for any last minute changes. The badging team will have the badge design already set up on the laptop and will train you on how to use the equipment so you are ready beforehand.

Search and print
If you’d rather print all the badges onsite, which is great for smaller type events like cocktail receptions or events with a high drop off rate. Using the search and print service, we set up a number of laptops and printers depending on the number of attendees, thus when a guest arrives at the event they are steered towards the on-site registration area where reception staff will search for their name and print their badge.

Scan and Print and on site scanners
With guests having a joining instruction email with a personalised barcode sent to them before the event, registration staff can easily scan this barcode on their phones or a printed copy as they enter the event. A badges is printed and passed to the delegate.  This is a useful approach for international events with some delegates having complicated names.   Having a barcode printed on the badge is also an excellent way to track attendance into sessions or for Exhibitors to gather visitor information.  Scanners can also combine with a tablet to display delegate details as well as real time data for attendee numbers, breakout sessions and even send alerts to VIPs.

Scanners have enough memory to store over 100,000 records, which should be sufficient even for the largest of events!

Where appropriate E-badges do provide a very cost effective badging solution. As part of the delegate joining instructions, a personalised pdf can be attached. They can print on A4 paper in their office and fold to the correct size before coming to the event.  On arrival they can grab a vinyl wallet with a lanyard, insert their badge and walk straight to the event entrance area to be scanned to register their attendance.

Check-in Tool
It is perhaps worth mentioning that if you don’t want to have badges at all then you could consider the use of a check-in tool register attendance for both events and sessions.